Machinery Maintenance


All our machines are supplied with a one year warranty. The warranty comes into effect from date of installation (which must be within 6 months from delivery) or if a WMF product, up to the maximum machine specific brew count, whichever occurs first.

Whereby the purchased machinery uses Coffee (whole bean or ground), instant coffee, vending ingredients, cleaning supplies and/or sundry goods (such as a Traditional / Vending or Bean to Cup unit). The warranty is provided on the grounds that these products are purchased from Bean 14 Limited. In instances whereby you wish to purchase these products elsewhere, a limited, parts only warranty will be provided with labour charged on a pay as you go basis. Any subsequent alterations to dosing or change of ingredients will be provided as a chargeable service.

Please note that misuse and abuse including general wear and tear are not covered by the warranty. Please refer to our standard terms and conditions.

Pay as you go

For our customers who do not wish to sign up for an Annual Maintenance Contract, we offer pay as you go service maintenance as well as pay as you go repairs.

Call outs, parts and labour will be charged according to our prevailing rates.

Please note that our contractual customers enjoy priority for repair visits and therefore we might not be able to come out to your coffee machine within 24 hours from your call.

Please see the below rate table for current rates.

Annual Maintenance Contract - Overview

For customers who want peace of mind or who take out machinery on a financed lease, we offer fully comprehensive service maintenance agreements.

These agreements cover preventative service maintenance visits as well as repair visits during the agreement period. Apart from the annual agreement cost, no further charges will apply.

Service maintenance agreements are available for all out equipment unless specified at the point of purchase. Bean 14 offers rolling contracts up to the fourth anniversary of the manufacturing date of the equipment.

If an annual maintenance contract is taken out after the warranty period, Bean 14 will back date the maintenance contract to include comprehensive cover for machines which are within 15 months of installation and if a WMF product, within the recommended brew count.

Machines that are over 15 months old will require to be assessed by a Bean 14 service engineer and returned to warranty standard at the customer’s cost. The cost will be calculated based on the condition of the machine.

All service maintenance agreements are subject to our standard terms and conditions. All Annual Maintenance Contracts are subject to ingredient supply and care of equipment.

Annual Maintenance Contract - What is Included?

The comprehensive service maintenance agreement includes annual preventative maintenance to ensure continuous protection of your equipment.

Should your equipment require a boiler inspection, it is included in the annual preventative maintenance service. Please note that Bean 14 can only facilitate the physical work of the boiler inspection. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for a competent person to attend the inspection and to issue the statutory examination report.

If the boiler inspection falls outside of the scheduled preventative maintenance, additional charges apply.

The service maintenance agreement also includes all callouts, parts and labour cost for repair visits with a response time within 5 Hours on weekdays (excluding public holidays). Further, the annual agreement cost is irrespective of machine options.

Annual Maintenance Contract - What is Excluded?

In general, our auxiliary units e.g. coffee grinders, milk coolers and refrigeration units are not covered under our service maintenance agreements.

Further, please note that misuse and abuse e.g. lack of cleaning is not covered either.

Please be aware that machine specific brew count limitations apply and that supplements like water filters and cleaning chemicals are not included in the agreement cost.

Please refer to our annual service maintenance section in our standard terms and conditions for more details.

Rate Table: Pay as you go

Diagnostic investigation call out (Weekday)

£14.90 – Flat charge (maximum 15 minute attendance)

Where appropriate we will make a diagnosis of the fault and if possible, resolve the issue.  The issue may be referred to an engineer if necessary, at an additional charge (see engineer call out below). Parts billed separately.

Engineer call out

£52.50 – Per hour

Minimum charge one hour, chargeable in half hour increments thereafter. Parts billed separately.

Rate Table: Water Filter Change

Brita Filter £160.00 (includes labour)

Billi Filter £164.00 (includes labour)

Please note

Information on this page may be subject to change at Bean 14 Limited’s discretion, with no warning or obligation to adhere to previously advertised information.