WMF 1300 S – Available next Year

Meet the new WMF 1300 S, providing premium quality beverages for small to medium sized businesses. Up to 120 Cups per day 2 Coffee Choices (typically Espresso & Decaf) and Chocolate Steam Arm / Hot Water Dispensing Basic Milk or Easy Milk Steam jet cup warmer

Hands free dispenser foot switch for the B3.2 and B4.2!

Available now, Borg & Overström foot switch retrofit kit converts any B3.2 or B4.2 into a touchless water dispenser. Foot switch accessory available to order now! Eliminate the risk of contamination on touch panels Hands free water dispensing for B3 & B4 2 way foot pedal for Chilled/Ambient models 3 way foot pedal for Chilled/Ambient/Sparkling, Chilled/Hot/Sparkling and Chilled/Ambient/Hot models Very easy to retro fit onto existing dispensers by an engineer/qualified technician Compatibility Can be retro fitted to all B3.2 & B4.2 models Can be pre fitted to new B3.2 Foot switch retrofit kit for hands-free control Innovation and helping our …

WMF Smart Remote – Touch Free Dispensing!

WMF introduces contactless beverage preparation for hygienic and smart operation using your mobile phone. Scan QR-Code from machine Open WMF SmartRemote solution Place cup and select your beverage Enjoy your drink Self-service at its finest — learn more in the video! Currently available on the WMF 1500 S+ and WMF 5000 S+, coming soon to the WMF 1100 S

Cleaning/Disinfecting the Touch Display ON YOUR WMF 1100 / 1500 S+ / 5000 S+

With appropriate cleaning agents resp. disinfectants* we recommend the following procedure: Use a clean, dry cloth and spray it with the agent. Touch the “Menu” button in the ready-to-operate display of the coffee machine Then touch the button “Care” You will get the following overview, please select “CleanLock”. Now a 15-second countdown starts. Use the cloth to carefully clean the touch display and the operating elements. 15 seconds after the last touch, the touch display is activated again. Wait until the agent evaporates and the touch display is dry before next dispensing. Please note – important! Do not spray the cleaning agent or disinfectant directly onto …

Welcome to the new Bean14.com

You’re here a little early, but the new website will launch soon! Right now you’ll find lots of pages that need content. In the next few weeks, this will be populated and moved to the main website. From our new website (this one) you’ll be able to see the latest equipment offerings, explore our brands and see what services we can offer. You’ll also find handy links to our trade only Online store (live now!) and our support ticket system directly from this page. In the meantime, we thought we’d put a couple of screenshots below on how the websites …